Professor Nenad Stojanovic: Nationalist politics might cause new conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 The political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina still contains of nationalistic tensions since the war in the 90s, because of the ruling partys continuation to operate a nationalistic agenda.

”The thing that should worry us the most is when we see that some of these policies are proto-fascist, because they advocate the ideology of “blood and soil”. And such an ideology has always proved disastrous for humanity, including the peoples in whose name it was implemented,” Stojanovic said.

The discussion must be about eliminating discrimination and reforming the electoral system, abolition of the House of Peoples at the state level, but also at the entity level, because of the unclearness to the inhabitans what they are for. The national interest can be protected within the House of Representatives.

“The international community, and especially the European Union, is still important because it represents a support for at least those residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are aware that the policies of certain ethno-national leaders can lead them into new conflicts”, Stojanovic finished.