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Our Work

The objective of the foundation is to help our partners – centre-right parties and other like-minded organisations – to build strong democratic party structures. The work of the foundation is mainly education and advice, focusing on the different elements of democracy and integration work in Europe, at the national as well as regional and local levels. The foundation strives to strengthen the conviction of the cooperation organisations’ belief in the value of freedom, democracy, market economy, the rule of law, human rights, and tolerance. The foundation also offers information and advice concerning policy issues, media and strategy, among other things. An important part of the work is helping our partners to cooperate with other parties on issues relating to the democratic system in the respective country. This should also result in the countries realising the importance of working for internal democracy, member influence, deepened ideological debate, social and environmental coverage, ethics, a sustainable environment, and growth.

We organise study tours to the EU institutions in Brussels and arrange educational seminars in each respective country or in Sweden. The training is tailored for our sister parties in project countries. During election years participants from our cooperation parties are invited to Sweden to participate in and learn from the campaign work and the election process.

Another overall purpose is to give advice and support to newly established foundations in other countries and help them get their work going, in the same way that JHS received advice from already established democracy foundations during the building-up phase.

We work with centre-right parties and organisations in countries which need democratic development. It is these parties that in cooperation with us select participants for the trainings. The activities are mainly concentrated to youths and women, with the intention of reaching those who will form politics in growing democracies within ten to twenty years.

We organise around 100 training sessions every year with speakers who all participate on a non-profit basis. The speakers are a central part of the foundation’s activities. Many of them are connected to the Moderate party, but they speak from their respective areas of competence.