EU will play a fundamental role in the prosecution of Putin’s crimes

The illegal invasion of Ukraine has resulted in huge international condemnation and a call for accountability for the brutal actions made by Vladimir Putin.

”Of all Ukraine’s partners, however, the European Union is best poised to ensure maximum possible accountability, and it can do so by backing a special war crimes chamber within the courts of Ukraine”, Honorary Chairman for Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation and former prime minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt states.

Some national authorities have worked many years to investigate the wave of crime cases by Russia from 2014–2022, but with lacking results. The EU is now observing this carefully.

”This month, the EU Commission proposed strengthening Eurojust’s mandate to include collection and preservation of evidence in Ukraine, and this initiative could form the nucleus for a future court’s prosecution office”, Bildt says.

As mentioned above, the possibilities to bring justice to the Ukrainian people are several, and thankfully, the support from EU is already massive.