Murmansk authorities creating artificial obstacles in election registration

Former team member of opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, Violetta Grudina, launched a hunger strike while being forcibly placed in COVID-19 treatment facility in Mid-July and after knowledge that her documents for candidacy ‘politically’ disappeared.

Her candidacy documents were handed to the hospital’s chief physician to pass registration documents on to Grudina’s legal representative so that he could register Violetta Grudina’s candidacy to Murmansk Election officials. The registration’s deadline were August 9.

After treatment Grudina found out that the chief physician of the Hospital, Arkady Amozov, was registered candidate of the ruling United Russia party in Election officials. It got obvious that the sudden loss of her documents had a political meaning.

After obstacles with the Murmansk court decision forcing her to hospitalization and a hunger strike, Violetta Grudina finally got a letter August 4 from Election officials confirming that her papers were received.