More sanctions against Belarus Lukashenko regime a year after Election day

One year after Belarus Election day the West world declared tighter sanctions against the regime of Aleksander Lukashenko. The United States, Britain and Canada announced new trade and financial sanctions on Belarus and made their own declarations.

The United States Biden administration pointed out the Belarusian potash producer Belaruskali as target for sanctions, who is a major source of income for Lukashenko regime. Prominent businesspeople who support the Lukashenko regime and 15 other companies which are affiliated with them got blacklisted.

Britain and Canada announced sanctions likewise and added the prohibition on purchase of transferable securities and money-market instruments issued by the Belarusian state and its state-owned banks.

For a year now, the worldnews has been filled of witnesses from the opposition that many crimes against civil rights has been shown in Belarus by Lukashenko regime. More than 32,000 people have been detained, thousands beaten by police on the streets and in detention, some with torture alleged.

The Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya fled the country after election day to Lithuania. The opposition continues their work for civil rights and free expression through offices opened in several European cities.

European Council President Charles Micheal tweeted; “One year ago today, the right to freely elect their leader was taken away from the people of Belarus. EU stands firmly with you and will continue to do so. The legitimate call for a democratic future and respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights must finally be heeded.”