Accusations of Polish government hacking centre-right opposition

Polish senator Krzysztof Brejza, a representative of the country’s centre-right party Civic Platform, is accusing the country’s government for hacking his personal cell phone during the parliamentary elections in 2019. Mr. Brejza, who led his party’s campaign, repeatedly called for investigation into the hacking as his personal messages was leaked to government controlled media during the campaign in 2019.

However, his calls were ignored by the leading government party Law and Justice, as it denounced the private investigation firm, contracted by the Civic Platform to investigate the hacking, as being funded by George Soros and “anti-Polish”. 

The main opposition parties in Poland have jointly called for a parliamentary investigation to the accusations. Civic Platform leader Donald Tusk has publicly denounced the efforts of Law and Justice to destabilize and weaken the democratic institutions of the country, which will have parliamentary elections in 2o23.