New report calls for further support for Belarusian diaspora

In a recent report published by Alesia Rudnik, chair of the organization Belarusians in Sweden,  she calls for further actions against the dictatorship in Belarus.

The report, published Monday November 8th by Stockholm Free World Forum, highlights the important role that the Belarusian diasporas play in advocating freedom in Belarus. Rudnik argues that the stolen elections in August 2020 politicised the diaspora, and that the political crisis in Belarus has been a facilitator for further engagement in politics for many Belarusians living abroad.

She pointed out several recommendations for decision makers in Europe, such as providing financial support to Belarusian diaspora initiatives promoting civil society and democracy and providing protection for Belarusians working with the democratic movement. Furthermore, the EU should assist the Belarusian diaspora in establishing infrastructure for future technical and legal support for the democratic movement in Belarus.