SEMINARIUM: Ett Europa utan politiska fångar?

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14 december, 2017


Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen bjuder in till seminarium med Alexander Solovyev, Andrey Dmitriev och Gigi Ugulava om situationen för de mänskliga rättigheterna i östra Europa.

Andrey Dmitriev

Alexander Solovyev

Gigi Ugulava







Blasieholmsgatan 4A, Stockholm
Torsdagen den 14 december kl. 15.30-17.00

Obligatorisk anmälan via: eller 08-676 81 05

Seminariet kommer också att livesändas på Facebook och YouTube.


A Europe without political prisoners?

We have the pleasure of welcoming you to a seminar on the state of human rights in Europe’s East. Three opposition leaders with different experiences of political prosecutions will share their experiences and discuss how the executive and prosecutors should uphold the rule law.

Alexander Solovyev, chairman of Open Russia, has a political background as advisor to former Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov. His organization supports, and provides legal assistance to, political prisoners in Russia as well as their families, who often find it difficult to travel the long distances to remote camps and colonies.

Andrey Dmitriev, co-chairman of the Tell the Truth Movement, was detained by the Belarusian KGB in connection with a peaceful protest against elections falsifications in 2010. He has an extensive political experience and was campaign manager of opposition candidate Tatiana Korotkevich in the country’s 2015 presidential elections. Mr Dmitriev participated in the parliamentary elections last year, which results were not recognized by the OSCE due to the high level of rigging.

Gigi Ugulava, former mayor of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, was arrested while being campaign chief of the opposition UNM party four days before a crucial runoff to the mayoral elections in 2014. Mr Ugulava’s pre-trial detention was declared
unconstitutional by Georgia’s Constitutional Court. Although Mr Ugulava was released, he was re-arrested within a day. He was finally released earlier this year and is currently secretary general of the opposition party European Georgia.

Moderator: Alexandra Ivanov, political advisor to the Moderate party leader.

Date: Thursday, December 14, 2017
Time: 15.30-17.00
Venue: Blasieholmsgatan 4A, Stockholm

Coffee will be served from 15.00

RSVP by December 12
by e-mail:
or telephone: 08-676 81 05

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