Famed Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodriguez says authorities have reversed their decision to bar another singer from performing in state-run venues because of his provocative lyrics at a concert last week.

Eva Gustavsson, Managing Director för Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen

Eva Gustavsson, Managing Director för Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen

Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsens Managing Director Eva Gustavsson talade den 6 september inför över 300 anhängare till oppositionspartiet Proyecto Venezuela, vid ett demokratiseminarium i anslutning till partiets kongress i Caracas. I sitt anförande poängterade Gustavsson att Venezuela är en oljenation som saknar bröd och andra viktiga förnödenheter, ett resultat av den nuvarande socialistregimens politik.

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Author Stephen Kimber says the cancellation shows why the Cuban spies were unable to have a fair trial in Miami.

Some Cuban artists are supportive of singer Roberto Carcassés, others critical

A well-known Cuban singer said Monday he has been punished for going off message at a nationally televised concert last week, when he called for direct presidential elections and more freedom of information.

U.S. and Cuban representatives met in Havana on Monday for renewed talks on re-establishing direct mail service, 50 years after it was severed amid Cold War tensions relations.

Roman Catholic bishops in Cuba called for political reform in tandem with social and economic changes already under way, issuing their first joint pastoral letter in two decades that was presented to reporters Monday.

Gilberto Abascal’s return to the island revived allegations that he worked with both Cuban intelligence and the United States.

Sixteen foreign companies rushed to propose golf and marina resorts in Cuba. None has started construction to date.

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has published an article applauding a Russian-backed proposal to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons. The U.S. and Russia reached agreement Saturday to implement the plan amid an ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern country.