I Federationen Bosnien-Hercegovina (FBiH) – den del av landet Bosnien-Hercegovina (BiH) där en majoritet av befolkningen är muslimsk – samarbetar Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen (JHS) med Stranka Demokratske Akcije (SDA), ett av landets äldsta och största partier. (mer…)

The government will allow 18 new types of private economic activity, but a tailor cannot sell manufactured clothes.

The Trabajadores newspaper published the names of nominated exile musicians for the first time, but Granma ignored them as usual.

Real estate agents, auto body workers and home builders can come out of the shadows in Cuba's expanding private economy under rules announced Thursday that allow 18 new categories of independent employment under President Raul Castro's economic reforms.

Best-case scenario: The bid is picked soon, firm starts laying cable on ocean floor in 2015, avoiding hurricane season.

Nearly 183,000 Cubans have traveled overseas since a migratory reform law took effect earlier this year, island authorities said late Tuesday.

Cuba has approved tax exemption rules for a special commercial zone at a massive port under construction west of Havana, in hopes of luring more foreign investment as the country tries to lift its economy with a series of reforms.

Den 23 oktober anordnade Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen ett halvdagsseminarium för förtroendevalda moderater från hela landet om stiftelsens verksamhet samt de utmaningar vi möter i diktaturer och nyblivna demokratier. (mer…)

Mario Felix Lleonart says some Miamians are afraid to contact him, perhaps fearing the Cuban government will deny them permission to visit the island in retaliation if they contact a known dissident.

The lawsuit alleged the dissident died in a car crash caused by Cuba’s state security.