The last of 17 Cuban students taking part in a rare academic exchange has arrived in Miami.

Fidel Castro has lived mostly out of the public eye since a near-fatal illness in 2006 forced his retirement after nearly five decades at the helm of Cuba.

Only one of the 33 delegations at CELAC summit — Costa Rica — agreed to meet with activists.

War! Imperialism! Racism! Formal attire!

Leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean signed a resolution declaring the region a "zone of peace" Wednesday, pledging to resolve their disputes as respectful neighbors without the use of arms.

Den 16 mars i år går Serbien till omval och förra helgen anordnade Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen tillsammans med Moderaternas systerparti United Regions of Serbia (URS, tidigare G17+) en ungdomskonferens i kampanj och kommunikation i Belgrad, Serbien. (mer…)

Immigration officials in Havana deport an Argentine activist who planned to join some of the dissidents’ activities.

The Miami-born rapper will perform his new song with Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian pop star Cláudia Leitte at the Cup opener in Brazil.

One of the five Cuban spies convicted in a Miami trial in 2001 will be released from a federal prison on Feb. 27 but will be transferred to an immigration lockup while awaiting his deportation to Cuba, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Conditions at the Chung Wah Home for the Elderly had been criticized in 2012 report.