In some ways, Yosuan Crespo's real estate office resembles any you might find in New York, London or Tokyo. There are slick posters of hot properties hanging from the ceiling, a steady stream of hopeful buyers and sellers and a constant clack of computer keys.

Berta Soler favors both maintaining the embargo and limiting travel to Cuba from the United States

A convicted Cuban spy offered Monday to renounce his U.S. citizenship if a judge will allow him to finish serving a probation sentence in Cuba.

Under Cuba’s new travel rules, the world has become a stage for Cuban bloggers and dissidents. Who benefits the most — Havana or the dissidents themselves — is open to debate

Cuba’s Ladies in White leader Berta Soler will meet with the Miami Herald Editorial Board on Monday morning.

The leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White thanked Miami’s exile community on Saturday for its continued support for dissidents on the island and asked for more moral, spiritual and material help for those who seek to end the Castro regime.

The leader of a Cuban opposition group awarded Europe's top human rights prize spoke strongly against the Castro brothers during a visit Saturday to Miami, where the exile community received her message with enthusiastic applause.

Havana’s Capitol building will play host to Cuba’s parliament for the first time since 1959, when it came to be seen as a symbol of the old regime thrown out of power that year by Fidel Castro’s revolution.

One of the founders of a Cuban opposition group awarded Europe's top human rights prize is meeting with exiles in Miami.

Cuba is breaking a five-decade ban on professional boxing and joining an international semipro league. Fighters will compete for sponsored teams, box without protective headgear and earn $1,000 to $3,000 a month.